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Career Fair Forms

  1. Business Partner Form

    For companies registering to participate in the Career Fair.

  2. HTI LOGISTICS Application (On-line Submission)

    General employment application

  3. R&D CONSTRUCTION-1, INC. Application (On-line Submission)

    General employment application

  1. East Chicago's Workforce Online Connection

    Provides an opportunity for both employers and applicants to find open positions. The online inquiry is used for employers to provide... More…

  2. Pre-Registration Form

    For local residents who would like to attend the Career Fair.

  3. Subscribe to Career Fair partner Job Listing and News.

    Will be used to send subscribers information on pre-defined information available job listings from our partners who participate in our... More…

Contact Us

  1. Contact Alfonso Espinoza Jr.
  2. Contact Amy Aguilera
  3. Contact Anthony Serna
  4. Contact Arnita Fowlkes
  5. Contact Chanthini Fowler
  6. Contact David Moran
  7. Contact Diana Garcia Burns

    Email the Director of the Health Department

  8. Contact Dr. Paula Benchik-Abrinko MD
  9. Contact Ebony Bates
  10. Contact Emiliano Perez
  11. Contact Esperanza Ceja-Ramirez
  12. Contact Fire Civil Service

    Email Enedina Rodriguez

  13. Contact Frank Rivera
  14. Contact Gabrielle Dye
  15. Contact Gilda Orange
  16. Contact James Portalatin
  17. Contact John Smith
  18. Contact Julio Arichavala

    City Engineer

  19. Contact Kenneth Monroe
  20. Contact Kimberly Anderson
  21. Contact Lenny Franciski
  22. Contact Luis Arcuri Jr.
  23. Contact Marguerite Wilder
  24. Contact Mason Comer
  25. Contact Michelle Chandler
  26. Contact Mildred Rivera
  27. Contact Natalie Adams
  28. Contact Parks & Recreation
  29. Contact Paul Chavarria
  30. Contact Rene Cid
  31. Contact Richard Morrisroe
  32. Contact Rosie Serrano
  33. Contact Sandra Favela
  34. Contact Sonya A. Morris
  35. Contact Steve Segura
  36. Contact Terence Hill
  37. Contact Valeriano Gomez
  38. Contact Water Filtration Director
  39. Contact Winna Guzman
  40. Subscribe to ECLife Newletter

    Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about everything happening in East Chicago.

  1. Contact Alicia Aceves
  2. Contact Anthony Copeland
  3. Contact Arlene Vasquez
  4. Contact Ben ElHarit
  5. Contact Damon Carpenter

    Fire Chief

  6. Contact Demond Hall
  7. Contact Douglas Powers
  8. Contact Dwayne Rancifer
  9. Contact Elida Ochoa
  10. Contact Eric Reyes
  11. Contact Executive Secretary
  12. Contact Fran Nowacki
  13. Contact Frank Rosado
  14. Contact George Cossey
  15. Contact Hector Rosario
  16. Contact Jerry Lewis
  17. Contact Jonathan Madera
  18. Contact Keith Selvie
  19. Contact Kevin Klocek
  20. Contact Laura Corpus
  21. Contact Leon Valdez
  22. Contact Lyvette Turk
  23. Contact Maria Montano
  24. Contact Melissa Pellot
  25. Contact Migdalla Escamilla
  26. Contact Monica Guzman Gonzalez
  27. Contact Olga Cosme
  28. Contact Pat Melendez
  29. Contact Raymond Carillo
  30. Contact Richard Medina
  31. Contact Robert Garcia
  32. Contact Ryan Lomax
  33. Contact Siennie Gomez
  34. Contact Stacy Winfield
  35. Contact Talaya Jones
  36. Contact Us
  37. Contact Vanessa Hernandez Orange
  38. Contact William Allen
  39. Contact Yarisbeth Sullivan, RN

Planning Dept Forms

  1. 2021 Property Inquiry (E-Form Submission)

    The following form is used to submit any inquiries to purchase a property or side-lot located within the City of East Chicago limits.

  2. Fence Application (Email Version)

    The following form is used to submit any inquiries for the installation of a fence located within the City of East Chicago limits.

  3. New Business Ribbon Cutting (E-form)

    An announcement to the public by having a ribbon-cutting ceremony to residents, media, and social networking that a new business is... More…

  4. Sign Application (Email Version)

    The following form is used to submit any inquiries for the installation of a sign located within the City of East Chicago limits.

  1. Compliance or Related Document Submission

    On-line submission of any compliance related documentation or questions any contractor or subcontractor might have pertaining to a... More…


    A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces.

  3. Property Intake Application (E-Form Submission)

Redevelopment Forms

  1. Property Inquiry Form

    This Property Inquiry Form is the first step in expressing your interest in a property. Once the City of East Chicago receives your... More…

Water Department Forms

  1. Water Service Line Access Agreement

    East Chicago Water Service Line Access Agreement pertaining to the USS Lead Superfund Site