North Harbor Redevelopment

North Harbor Redevelopment Initiative seeks to redevelop the entire North harbor, including its key corridors of Main Street, Broadway, Guthrie and Indiana harbor Drive.

Main & Broadway Design Tactics

The Main and Broadway strategy proposes four urban design tactics for ensuring that the redevelopment of these corridors promotes the entire community’s revitalizations:

  • Improve walk ability and community appeal through streetscaping and Public Space Improvements.
  • Rebuild the heart of Indiana Harbor at Main and Broadway as a mixed-use mixed-income neighborhood destination that connects other neighborhoods and connects to Lake Michigan.
  • Reconnect the community through road realignment and traffic redirecting.
  • Support sustainable community revitalization by making environmental, economic and community concerns interdependent.

Lakefront Development

The Main and Broadway strategy is not intended to stand alone. It responds to the community investment goals of the Marquette Plan by providing a community revitalization strategy intended to link with the forthcoming lakefront redevelopment plan.

That lakefront redevelopment plan is expected to be completed in two years in partnership with adjacent communities and the Regional Development Authority. The strategy is also designed to support future redevelopment plans for the Pennsylvania-Block neighborhood north of Guthrie Street and the vacant commercial land west of Michigan Avenue. Moreover, the Strategy is integrated with community projects already underway, such as the adaptive reuse of the Indiana Harbor Carnegie Library into a performing arts center.

Finally, a lasting revitalization strategy requires the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, community demands and stakeholder realities. The strategy provides alternative and conceptual suggestions for the later redevelopment phases along Broadway that must be refined and finalized over time.

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