Ethics & Duties


Primary Functions

The primary functions of the Police Department are:

  • To detect violations of the law
  • To enforce all laws and ordinances
  • To investigate crimes against persons and property
  • To preserve the peace and public order
  • To prevent crime
  • To protect life, liberty, and property
  • To work in conjunction with all other levels of the criminal justice system

Duties of the Chief of Police

The Police Department is established by state law and local ordinances and consists of a Chief of Police and full time officers as well as non-sworn employees as determined by the City Council. The chief executive of the police department is the Chief of Police, appointed by and subordinate to the Mayor of the City of East Chicago, Indiana.

The Chief of Police is responsible for the direction of all activities of the department. This direction is accomplished through written and oral orders as well as by personal leadership. The chief of police has the final authority in all matters of policy, operations, and discipline.

Administrative Duties

The department’s administration consists of a police chief, a deputy chief, and a commander of the Uniform Division. The police department is divided into three divisions:

  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Patrol Division
  • Service Division

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

The CID consists of the adult detective bureau, the juvenile detective bureau, and the gang and narcotic unit. The Criminal Investigation Unit is headed by the Deputy Chief, who reports directly to the chief of police. The Deputy Chief of Police oversees all criminal investigations.

Service Division

The Service Division consists of the:

  • Communication Center
  • Detention Division
  • Evidence and Property Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Public Relations Division
  • Records Division

Patrol/Uniform Division

The Uniform Division, headed by the Patrol Commander consists of Uniform Patrol Officers and the Traffic Division.

Code of Ethics

Members of the East Chicago Police Department subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:

I have a fiduciary and ethical responsibility to abide, both on-duty and off-duty, to:

  1. Be a responsible public servant. My major duties are to safeguard the lives and property of those I serve, to protect the innocent against violence and deception and the weak against oppression and intimidation.
  2. While I consider the way I choose to conduct my private affairs and personal freedom, I accept the responsibilities for my actions, as well as my inactions, while on- duty or off- duty, when those actions bring disrepute on the public image of my employer, my fellow workers and the law enforcement profession.
  3. I will perform my duties in a lawful, professional and competent manner. I will be courageous in the face of danger and I will exercise restraint in the use of my powers and authorities. I accept that I must constantly strive to achieve excellence in learning and the necessary knowledge and skills associated with my duties. I will keep myself physically fit and mentally alert so that I am capable of performing my duties according to the highest standards of the law enforcement profession.
  4. I will be truthful an honest in my dealings with others. I deplore lies and half-truths that mislead or do not fully inform those who rely on my honesty. I vow to treat others with courtesy at all times and I view it a weakness to allow another’s behavior to dictate my actions. I will not allow others’ actions or failing to be my excuse for not performing my duties in a responsible, professional and expected manner.
  5. I will empathize with the problems of people of whom I come into contact with. However, I will not allow my personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships influence the discretionary authorities entrusted to me.
  6. I will not accept money or other consideration or favors from anyone other than the City of East Chicago for the performance of an act which I would be expected to perform in the regular course of my duties. I will not accept gifts, gratuities or favors of any kind which might reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to influence my actions with respect to my duties as a member of the East Chicago Police Department.
  7. I will not use, for private gain or advantage, City time, facilities, equipment or supplies unless authorized by my employer. I will not sue or attempt to use my position to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for myself or others.
  8. I will not disclose confidential information acquired by or available to myself in the course of my employment with the City or use such information for speculation or personal gain.
  9. I will not exercise any discretionary powers or make any recommendations on behalf of the City or any department or department member with respect to any contract, sale or service in which I shall knowingly be directly or indirectly financially interested.
  10. I will not allow outside employment to reduce the quality or quantity of work or interfere with my ability to give a full day’s labor for a full day’s pay.
  11. I will uphold the Federal and State of Indiana Constitution, laws and regulations of the City and this police department. I will self- report any of my personal violations to those laws and regulations and I am bound to report the violations of others to my supervisor in the most expedient manner available.
  12. I understand that obtaining and maintaining the public’s trust is foremost and I therefore pledge that I will not carry out any action nor will I associate with known criminals or others that would bring disrespect to my badge, my profession or my employer.
  13. In the performance of my duties, I will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex (to include sexual harassment and gender identity or expression, which includes actual or perceived transgender status), sexual orientation, religion, creed, marital status, disability or medical condition. I will cooperate in achieving the equal employment opportunity goals and objectives of the City.
  14. I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives, ideals and ethics, dedicating myself before God to my chosen profession, law enforcement.