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  1. DPA Title
  2. The application below is for the East Chicago Down Payment Assistance Program. To apply, please attach the four items listed below. You may also email the four items to and
  3. CHIP DPA Applicant's Name
  4. Co-Applicant
  5. Disclosure
  6. Are you a first time homebuyer?*
  7. Are you an employee of the City of East Chicago and have been at full-time status for at least one year?*
  8. Select the sector of the City in which you are employed.*
  9. Are you related to any of the following: an employee of the Dept. of Redevelopment and/ or the Redevelopment Commission, member of the E. C. Common Council, Board of Works, and other E. C. elected official? *
  10. Does any City of East Chicago employee and/ or elected official have any financial interest in this transaction? i.e., seller of property, real estate broker, etc.?*
  11. Disclaimer and Signature
  12. I / We authorize the City of East Chicago Department of Redevelopment to release information regarding our home purchase and/ or down payment assistance application to the following parties:
  13. I/We certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
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