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Vendor Registration List 2023

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  10. Vendor Rules


    The vendors that desire to participate in the event by providing merchandise, services and information to our general public. If the vendor's application is accepted the vendor agrees to offer only those items listed on the application. The vendor agrees not to sell or distribute the following:

    -that is deemed inappropriate or derogatory

    -uses the event logo, name, or any other likeness associated with the event without prior written consent from the City of East Chicago.


    All participants will need to check in with a City of East Chicago representative upon arrival as booth spaces might have changed. Please refrain from setting up in a space until checking in with a City of East Chicago representative.

    Parking  & Vehicle Storage

    All vehicles must be removed from the venue before the beginning of the event. All vendors must park in designated areas. Any vehicles left on the venue grounds or within event barricades will be towed. Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed on the venue once the event has started. You are only permitted to bring your car to the venue to pack up if approved by a City of East Chicago representative. No driving on grass!!! USE SERVICE ROAD/ PATH ROAD.

    Tear Down

    Participants will be able to tear down (1) hour after the end of the event or when approved by a City of East Chicago representative. All items left on-site after the close of the event (i.e. food vendor grease buckets, cement blocks, broken personal equipment, etc.) will be disposed of and the City of East Chicago will keep your deposit.

    Hours of Operation

    Participants are to remain open for the duration of the event hours. Exceptions for hours of operations may be made. Please notify us (30) days in advance if you foresee a need to close your operation early. In the event an early closure is granted, participants must remove operations by hand or cart. Vehicles are not allowed on the venue grounds during event hours under any circumstances.

    Booth Security

    The participant will be solely responsible for items left in their booth overnight. We are not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged. Off duty police will patrol the grounds overnight but will not be able to watch every space at all times.

    Sound Restrictions

    Participants agree to not have amplified sound of any type within the booth. Participants with amplified sound may be asked to vacate space and will not receive a refund. Amplified sound has been determined to create conflict with adjacent participants. Please respect your neighbors. Amplified sound must be approved.


    All signage must be clean and properly placed. The City of East Chicago has the right to ask you to remove signage if not presented in the appropriate manner. Signage may not be flown or raised above the tent canopy and sign pole. Please feel free to call for approval. Pricing of all items must be displayed and remain consistent throughout the fest/event.


    Participants are solely responsible for the appearance of their space. The participant shall maintain its space in a neat, clean and sanitary condition. Participants will clean their space to its original condition during tear down or they will be charged a cleanup fee.

  11. Vehicle/Delivery Access to Festival Grounds: No vehicles are allowed to drive on the grass/field.*
  12. Exhibitor Rules - The City of East Chicago may impose additional rules and regulations, as the City of East Chicago deems necessary. The City of East Chicago will notify Vendor of these additional rules.*
  13. Display Vehicles: Gas tank levels should be under a 1/4 tank for safety reasons. Gas Tank lid must be tape down after display is set. Battery must be disconnected during show hours. Vehicles must remain turned off during show hours. Vehicle keys must be always present on site. If the display vehicle needs to be turned on during show hours, please make arrangements to have an electrical power hook with a battery charger in space. Wood pads must be placed under the wheels of vehicles.*
  14. Sound Levels: please keep sound levels at the booth at a minimum, large sound system set-ups will not be allowed.*
  15. Fire extinguishers: all vendors using electrical services and or cooking, must always have a Fire extinguisher in the booth.*
  16. Tanks: all gas and air tanks must be secured to outside tent poles, fences, and or together on a dolly to prevent them from being turned over.*
  17. Food Vendors must put down floor covering on the grass to prevent grease from getting on the grass and for health safety reasons.*
  18. Pricing of all items must be submitted and will be printed on a board and displayed and remain the same for patrons during the entirety of the festival. No items can be sold if the price isn't properly displayed.*
  19. No items can be sold if the price isn't properly displayed.*
  20. All vendor booths and load-in vehicles inside the venue are subject to search by event security at any time. Any vendor staff found to be storing, transporting, selling, or facilitating the sales of illicit substances or involved in any illegal activity will be immediately ejected from the event and turned over to the East Chicago Police Department. In addition, the entire vendor operation and staff accosted with the violator will be immediately ejected from the event and will lose all right to fees and deposits. There is absolutely zero tolerance for illegal activity at any City of East Chicago Event.*
  21. Vendor's use of the Space is non-transferable. Vendors may not allow anyone else to use the Space without the express permission of the City of East Chicago.*
  22. The City of East Chicago offers no guarantees or warranties of any kind. The Fest occurs rain or shine. Once accepted, no refunds or rain checks will be given for any reason. There will be no refunds whatsoever if any unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, terrorism, or war result in the cancellation of the Event.*
  23. The Space is provided as-is. Limited numbers of tents & electricity hook ups are available to rent from the City of East Chicago. Vendors requiring rented equipment must enclose the required fee and order each item on the application.*
  24. Rented tents will be erected in the Space. If electricity is ordered, an electric outlet will be available near the Space, vendors should bring a long outdoor extension cord to reach the outlet.*
  25. Vendors shall not be permitted to amplify music, without prior written consent of the City of East Chicago.*
  26. Vendors must remove all products and equipment overnight each night of the Fest. It is at the Vendor's own risk to leave any equipment or product belonging to the Vendor on the Fest site overnight, and the City of East Chicago cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to said product or equipment. There will be at least two security guards overnight each night of the Fest/event.*
  27. No vehicles are permitted on the Field - only load-in dates above. During the Festival's hours of operation merchandise must be transported by hand or on a small cart. Vendor is responsible for its parking arrangements.*
  28. Food Vendors must submit the following documents 30 days prior to the event. You must have all your Health Department Documentation completed.

  29. City of East Chicago Certisafe Certification*
  30. City of East Chicago Food Handlers License.*
  31. City of East Chicago Health Department TB Test.*
  32. Insurance - Add the City of East Chicago as additional insurance to restaurant insurance rider.*
  33. Rules for Food Handlers

    1. Employees of the retail food establishment handling food that is not pre-packaged, non-potentially hazardous, low risk foods or beverages (i.e. no temperature control required and no on-site production/preparation) must obtain tuberculosis screening and provide a negative result per city requirement.

    1.  All foods must be prepared on site at the event or in a licensed food establishment (commissary).  Proof of commissary must be provided  with application- no food items from a private home or living quarters can be used or offered to the public. (Reference Sections 423 and 424 of the Indiana Retail Food Code)

    1. If a temporary food establishment is located out of the City of East Chicago or out-of-state, then a copy of the food establishment license must be provided at the time of permit application.

    1. Food vendors would need to be inspected by the Health Department.

    1. The Health Department Inspector attends the events to monitor the food vendors.

    Once all steps are completed fill out the registration form online below. 

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