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Death Certificate Request

  1. East Chicago Health Department
    Vital Records Section
    100 W Chicago Avenue
    East Chicago, IN 46312
  2. Application for Search & Certified Copy of Death Record
  3. Disclaimer*
    These certificates are only generated for individuals whom have passed in the city of East Chicago.
  4. Please note, death records in the state of vital records office begin in 1900
    Death registration in East Chicago began in 1927. Prior to 1900, records of death are filed only with the Local Health Department in the county where the death actually occurred.

    There are no indexes to the state health for death certificates from 1900 through 1918.
  5. Identification of the requester is required. Please do not send the originals in the mail.
  6. Still birth?
  7. A search fee of $12 will be administered if the exact date of death is not known. Please indicate the 5 year period to be searched.

    An additional $12 is required for each additional 5 year period search.

    Search fees are not refundable.
  8. Fees: $12
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