What documents do I need for my amendment?

You will need 2 different documents reflecting your intended name spelling. 

Items of documentary evidence to permit amendment of a birth record are listed below. This list does not include all acceptable documents, but includes those most frequently used. The documents must be over ten (10) years old to be acceptable as evidence.

  • Baptismal Certificate - May be obtained from the Church.
  • School Records- Entry into grade school is most valuable. May be obtained from County Superintendent or school office. School records must show the name and location of the school.
  • Life Insurance Policies- Application page (usually located inside the original policy). The name of the Insurance Company, policy number, and date of issue must be included (photocopies are acceptable.)
  • Application for Marriage License or Marriage Certificate - Available from the County Clerk of the County in which the license was obtained.
  • Voter's Registration- May be obtained from the County Clerk of the County in which the voter is registered.
  • Military Discharge Papers- or draft registration card.
  • Census Record- Copies of census records must be obtained from the Bureau of Census, Pittsburg, Kansas. Instructions and the form for requesting a search of the Census (except 1890) are available from 1880 to 1960.
  • Employment Records- Available from Personnel Office. Record should show PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT and the date the record was created.
  • Records of Trade, Professional or Fraternal Organization- Usually available from the secretary of the organization.
  • Birth Record of Children- The original record of birth is on file at the State Department of Health (if born in Indiana) and will show the age of the parents at the time of birth, State staff members will check one record when provided the name, place, date of birth, and parents. (This should be the oldest child.)
  • Hospital Record of Birth- May be obtained from the Medical Records office in the hospital where the delivery occurred.
  • High School Diploma- A photocopy is acceptable.

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1. I am seeking an amendment on my certificate. What do I need?
2. What documents do I need for my amendment?