Fusic Family Fun

Check out the family fun for Fusic Fest!


Rock Wall: A challenge! For beginners or skilled rock climbers - 2 people can climb at a time no matter the skill level and people of all ages love racing one another to the top.

Ballistic Swing: Everyone can ride this, looks awesome once it starts getting dark with all of the bright lights. Typically we recommend 4' tall in order to ride by themselves (unless there is a parent present and they consent) or parents/guardians can ride along with them! 

Pirates Revenge: This is one of our most popular rides! It also has lights and we recommend the same thing for riders that we do the swing.

Tubs of Fun: This ride is best for smaller children and parents. Anyone can ride but it seems to be most popular that way. It's self spin so you can control how fast you go! 

Toxic Meltdown: This is a little like a Ninja Warrior activity. Fun for children through adults. Our monitors control the speed and motion of the jousting arm to fit the particular person's ability. 8 participants can partake, they each stand on their own individual pedestal and have to jump or duck as the arm approaches or they get knocked off their pedestal and are 'out.' Who will be the last person standing?

Airborne Adventure: Our operator straps one or two people into a seat that floats up to the top of the "rocket." Look out over the entire festival through the clear vinyl at the top! This is also an excellent ride for people who may be unable to partake in other activities - people confined to wheelchairs, for example, appreciate this experience immensely.

Fun Fair Toddler Inflatable - this has an open roof for parents to watch and interact while their children are inside.

Fiesta - bounce house with 3D pinata on the front and a slide coming out of the side - children and teens.

Ferris Wheel - bounce house with a slide combined on the inside of the actual unit - children and teens.

22' Nuclear Vertical Rush - A 22' tall inflatable slide that has entrances on both the right and left sides, children up to adults enjoy climbing up and then racing back down this slide. At 22' tall it's always an eye-catching attraction.

Mega Camo Obstacle Course - this is 100' long and fun for children, teens, and adults. Obstacles are always a huge hit for all ages because children can go with parents, teens like to race one another and there is a large variety of obstacles, some challenging, within the obstacle! 

LED mini golf: this is also good for all ages. Everyone loves mini golf! There are only 9 holes but they are all very interactive with different obstacles/concepts to each one. Also looks awesome at night with the bright LED lights.

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