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where the City of East Chicago's Planning and Economic Development Department (ECPED) strongly encourages the utilization of local businesses in the performance of city contracts, to promote parity in the award of and participation in contracts, and to eliminate arbitrary barriers to fill participation in contracts by all qualified persons, regardless of sex, race, or ethnicity. In addition, ECPED seeks to promote opportunities which encourage minorities and women on the workforce as well as to implement mechanisms to assist in providing for community and local residency hiring of qualified individuals on its construction projects.

Trinal Inc. has been retained by the City of East Chicago Planning and Economic Development (ECPED) to implement the utilization of the Global Project Tracking System (GPTS®). Trinal’s GPTS® is a cloud-based diversity spend and workforce tracking solution, which collects and provides comprehensive reports relative to prime, subcontractor and vendor payment history, workforce hiring initiatives, and prevailing wage compliance.  Below are all the required forms that are needed to register your construction, engineering, architectural organizations within Trinal Inc.  We would like to make this experience an easier and smoother transition, therefore, below you will find the necessary documents that are needed to provide the City of East Chicago any required information regarding your construction project.  

If you would like to send any documents or have questions, please call Planning Dept at (219) 391-8205 for assistance.

Trinal Inc. - Global Project Tracking System (GPTS)

Project Setup Documents
  • Project Setup Form (PDF form) Required City/State
  • Contract Setup Form (PDF form) Required City/State

Compliance Ordinances