Water Distribution Systems

Current Situation

  • The City does not have 24 hours of water storage capacity to be used in the event of an emergency.
  • The City’s existing water distribution infrastructure assets have deteriorated due to age.
  • Increased water loss and decreased operational reliability throughout the system.
  • Many customer service lines throughout the City are comprised of lead and/or lead solder
  • Several hydrants throughout the system are inoperable and do not meet the fire-fighting needs of the City
  • There is currently not an effective method of locating and correcting sources of nonrevenue water in the distribution system, including water theft and water main leaks

Future Improvements 

The City is making every effort to address the current needs and challenges of the City by improving water quality and insuring continuous water quantity to its residents. The projects include improvements in the distribution system, and an increase in water storage

The proposed projects scope includes:

  • Construction of two new water storage tanks to provide additional emergency water storage capacity for the City
  • Demolition of the Aldis Avenue water filtration plant
  • Implementation of District Metered Areas (DMAs) to improve flow measurement in the water mains
  • Implementation of a lead line replacement program to improve water quality at customer service taps
  • Installation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system to improve flow measurement at customer service lines and to simplify the billing process
  • Installation of a bulk water filling station to simplify the sale of water to contractors
  • Installation of hydrant locks to reduce water theft
  • Maintenance of hydrants to replace inoperable components

Cost & Completion

The State Revolving Fund is $18 million.

ProjectEstimated CostCompletion Date
Demolition of Old Filtration Plant$900,0002018
Elevated Tanks Design$400,0002017 to 2018
Hydrants, District Meters, Bulk Water Filling Stations, Other Improvement$2,000,0002017 to 2018
Neighborhood Water Service Replacement$3,300,0002017 to 2018
Storage Tanks (2)$8,400,0002018
Water Distribution System Modeling Study$100,0002017 to 2018
Water Meter Replacement/Installation $2,900,0002018