Recycle Guide

Recyclers in East Chicago, we need your help! In order to handle more products, they need properly prepared items. These guidelines will keep your materials clean and free of contamination.

  • Aluminum Cans Crushed or Uncrushed
    • Empty and rinse the cans.
  • Corrugated containers Corrugated boxes are the exterior packing cartons 
    • Do not include chipboard such as cereal and food boxes.
    • Flatten all boxes.
  • Glass Bottles & Jars Clear, brown and green beverage bottles and food jars
    • Remove lids and rinse.
    • Do not include plate glass, ceramics, light bulbs, drinking glasses or ovenware.
  • Newspapers
    • We accept newspapers and the inserts that come in the paper
    • Magazines and phone books must be kept out.
  • Plastics
    • Look for the recycle symbol with a number on the bottom of the recyclable consumer liquid bottles
    • We accept plastic bottles with the number 1(PETE)or 2 (HDPE).