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Parks Plant Sale Flyer 2

Visit East Chicago's Greenhouse and step into one of the city's hidden treasures. 

Come and experience the tranquility and oxygen rich air that only the greenhouse can offer. Here you will find rooms filled with various tropical plants and fruit trees.  The greenhouse is open year round and admission is free. 

In addition to the tropical rooms the greenhouse  also houses an Environmentally controlled sustainable integrated agriculture (ECSIA) aquaponics systems.  Which allows them to grow nutritious and organic vegetables and herbs. ECSIA uses 10% of the water of traditional agriculture, has zero waste and yields 2-3 times that of traditional farming. This module is a perfect for for the City of East Chicago as the beginning of producing and providing food locally. 

How does ECSIA work? the fish waste provides nutrients for the plants in the form of nitrates. The plants serve as a bio filter for the nitrates and assist in cleaning the water for the fish. 

Interested in a private or group tour?  Would you like to sample the vegetables or herbs? Interested in purchasing vegetables, herbs, or fertilizer?  Please contact the Parks and Recreation department at 219-391-8474 for more information

View additional pictures of the greenhouse in the Photo Gallery.