The East Chicago Sanitary District, Wastewater Division Collects, conveys, and treats wastewater. The Sanitary District service area is approximately ten square miles. The collection system/sewer piping is approximately 72 miles long and varying in size from 8 to 96 inches in diameter.

Once the wastewater enters into the collection system, it is then pumped to the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 5201 Indianapolis Boulevard. We have 11 Pumping Stations throughout the City of East Chicago. They consist of Sanitary, Stormwater and combination of both. The facility was rehabilitated in 1988 as a Three Stage Wastewater Treatment Plant.

First State Treatment

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Secondary Stage Treatment

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Third Stage Treatment

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This is also known as preliminary treatment. There are two bar screens that have 5/8 inch openings and six feet width. The bar screens remove materials that flow into the sewer system with the wastewater, i.e., cans, paper, rocks, bottles, plastic, etc. After screening, the wastewater goes through a four foot measuring device called a Parshall Flume. The flow is measure to adjust the treatment means in the plant. From here, the abrasion to the pipes and valves in the treatment system.
This is a form of biological treatment in the oxidation ditch. There are two oxidation ditches with an approximate capacity of 8.42 million gallons with an average detention time of 13.5 hours at an average flow rate of 15 million gallons per day. Bacteria are the biological means used to remove organic material, ammonia and phosphorus. Four aerators with 150 hp motor turn turbine like impellers to add oxygen and velocity to the micro organisms in the water.
Five clarifiers perform a liquid/solid separation. The clarifiers also use physical means. They are 12 feet in depth and 100 feet in diameter. The clarifiers have a total capacity of 3.52 million gallons. Overflow from the clarifiers goes to the Third Stage of Treatment.
Rapid Sand Filtration filters the clarifier effluent through sand media and porous plastic plate. There are 6 filters that are 62 feet in length and 16 feet wide and approximately 11 inches of media. This media is very similar to sand on the beach. After the third stage treatment, wastewater is disinfected through ultraviolet disinfection. There are 1,312 light bulbs submersed in water and having a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers that penetrates cell walls of bacteria that can cause diseases. This type of treatment disrupts the DNA change thus killing the microorganisms and disinfecting without harming the environment through the use of harsh chemicals.
Also, bio-solids or sludge dewatering is conducted with 2 belt presses, approximately 2 meters wide and operated 6 hours daily.
The Wastewater Treatment Plant has approximately 70 employees that maintain, operate, clean sewers, rod homeowner sewers, repair the sewer system, maintain grounds and perform all administrative duties.

Abdul Zehraoui
5200 Indianapolis Blvd.
East Chicago, IN 46312

Sanitary Board

Who we are...
Anthony Galindo, President
Alojzy (Ben) Moricz, , VicePresident
Miguel Rivera, Member
Tia Cauley, Member
Ralph Fabbri, Member
Pete Baranyai, Board Secretary

What we do...

When we meet...
The Sanitary Board meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 12 noon at 5201 Indianapolis Blvd, Sanitary conference room. (unless otherwise noted on the Events Calendar) or as advertised at City Hall.