Welcome to the East Chicago Health Department
The East Chicago Health Department is dedicated to serve the citizens of East Chicago by promoting good health and a clean environment for a healthier community.

Services are available to all citizens of the city. In fact, every resident of the City of East Chicago benefits every day form the wide spectrum of personal and environmental health services performed by the Health Department. Some services require an appointment, others are on a walk-in basis.
Nursing Division:Immunizations, SIDS home visits, STD/HIV testing, tuberculosis control, passport photos.

Inspection Division: Inspection of food service establishments, food retail/wholesale, food manufacturers, public and parochial schools, day care centers, public halls and kitchen facilities, food borne illness and hazardous products. Environmental inspections that include hotel and rooming, pool rooms and arcades, laundromats, gasoline and service stations, swimming pools and lake front beach, housing complaints, nuisance complaints, permits/licenses, food handlers training.

Vital Records Division: Birth certificates, death certificates, burial permits, amended affidavits, name change, paternity affidavits. Also, public health education and health promotion.

Air Quality: Answer and investigate pollution complaints and concerns.

Social Services
Social Services is available to provide assistance to individuals and families through the provision of assessment, counseling, advocacy, skills acquisition, and referrals based on need. Social Services also strives to boraden the quality of life for all people across the life span, and works to improve communities through education, wellness programs that aide in promoting healthier lifestyles.

Health Facts
For the past decade, health insurance and proper health care has been a huge issue and concern in the United States. Currently in the United States, 44 million people are without health insurance. In the state of Indiana, there is about 687,700 Hoosiers who do not have health insurance, which is 13 percent of Indiana’s population. Not to mention the population of minorities who are uninsured (Black 19.2 percent, Hispanic 18.9 percent).

According to the Institute of Medicine, African and Hispanic Americans, the population of East Chicago is less likely to be offered health insurance when it is available and if they are offered it, they are less likely to take it.

Among these statistics, the city of East Chicago falls in the rankings. The East Chicago Health Department (ECHD) has been extending services for the past three years to families and individuals who are uninsured and seek health care and may not be able to afford or qualify for health insurance.

“We offer these services for many reasons, one being a way to bridge a communication gap for the residents,” stated Nurse Practitioner Diana Gracia-Burns of the East Chicago Health Department.

Burns stated that there are a lot of residents in the city that do not have insurance and are unable to pay, so this service fills in the gap.

Many residents have taken advantage of the services that the health department has provided. Resident Guadalupe Vasquez says she and her family have been apart of the program for about a year. She too has had the opportunity to use the different services that the health department offers.

Burns mentioned that the program is free to residents. The ECHD usually helps on the advantage about 7-10 families per week, who are uninsured.

The ECHD provides a full service to city residents. The ECHD includes a STD/HIV clinic, adult and teen clinic, social services and occupational services for workers. The health department also provides hepatitis screenings, immunization for children and special programs that include physicals for children. There’s also a full scale of professionals at the ECHD that helps with the needs of the persons seeking health care.

“This is an excellent service. It is a needed service. Thank goodness we’re able to provide this service,” Burns said.

Among the Northwest Indiana region, East Chicago is the only city at this time that is providing free health services for their residents. Gary’s Health Department offers a STD/HIV clinic and immunization for children. Hammond’s Health Department only provides immunization.

With the nation facing issues in health care and insurance, state officials are steady coming up with plans to provide the state’s 678,700 Hoosiers with proper health care and insurance.

Gov. Joe Kernan took the incentive to begin creating a no-frills health- insurance pool by the end of the 2005 for small businesses, people that are self- employed and those without coverage.

Although there are many families in the city that are uninsured, the health department has made sure the proper health care has been provided. For more information about the program, please call the Health Department at 391-8467.
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Gerri C. Browning, MD
Health Commissioner
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Office Hours: Monday - Friday (Administration)
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*NOTE: Other divisions have different hours

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