The City of East Chicago requested Five Million Dollars in NSP funds and a RHTA Allocation for the North Harbor Revitalization Initiative (NHRI) Phase II Implementation. The North Harbor was once the civic and commercial center of our greater Indiana Harbor Community, but now the neighborhood is plagued by high levels of vacancy, abandonment and foreclosure. Though neglected for decades, the North Harbor’s potential is still evident due to it’s:

  1. Location along Lake Michigan

  2. Proximity (only 30 minutes) to downtown Chicago

  3. Preservation of traditional neighborhood design and amenities

  4. Presence of major employers

In 2006, The City engaged the services of two nationally recognized experts in community revitalization, The Community Builders, Inc. and Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, to implement a viable revitalization strategy, thus NHRI was created.

NHRI Implementation Phase I and II focus on the clocks surrounding Main & Broadway’s intersection and are outlined in a comprehensive revitalization plan, “The Main & Broadway Strategy”.
  1. 75 Townhomes targeting working families making less that 60% AMI

  2. The expansion of Nunez park by 30% and upgrades to both Nunez and Callahan Parks

  3. Pedestrian-oriented street reconstruction along Mani and Broadway

  4. Renovation to convert the vacant Carnegie Library into a performing arts center

  5. Police Substation at the Main and Broadway anchoring new community safety measures, including police cameras and pedestrian lighting

  6. An ordinance restricting alcohol sales, retail design guidelines, and rezoning to create a walkable, family-oriented mixed use district

  7. The acquisition, and when necessary demolition, of blighted and underutilized properties

NHRI Phase I Implementation exceeds $31 Million in public and private investments, including a Rental Housing Tax Credit (RHTC) allocation and over $12 million in City funds. Residents and employers are taking notice of these investments and beginning to believe that North Harbor’s revitalization is possible. The revitalization is also gaining attention as East Chicago changes its image from a town on the decline tone that is reshaping itself to thrive in the 21
st Century.

The Department of Redevelopment monitors annual federal entitlements to the City of East Chicago from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
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