Mayor Anthony Copeland Launches the Second Phase of East Chicago’s Lakefront and Community Development Project

Mayor Anthony Copeland Launches the Second Phase of East Chicago’s Lakefront and Community Development Project
After 50 million dollars worth of investments in commercial and housing development with corporate partners and others, including residential partner Community Builders, the City of East Chicago is ready to move forward with lake front improvements benefitting both residents and visitors, encompassing greater opportunities for private development. 
This revitalization effort began with the help of an initial 7 million dollar grant from the Regional Development Authority.  This grant has been used to fund planning efforts, and leverage private sector investment for various projects benefitting East Chicago’s Indiana Harbor neighborhood and lakefront. Mayor Copeland stated “Many things have changed in East Chicago and with the rebuilding of Cline Avenue, we must make sure that previous investments can be maintained and upgraded to accommodate economic development, education and job opportunities for our residents and the region.”  The Mayor stated, “We are just getting started.”
Maria Becerra, the City’s Redevelopment Director indicated, “The second phase will include improvements to the East Chicago Marina, more residential and commercial construction projects including the redesign of our surface streets to promote private sector investment in our community. We have a great team in place to make these projects happen and create momentum for more development.”  

Mayor Copeland indicated that the redevelopment process will be open, inclusive and will include significant community involvement. The Mayor stated “Our larger employers continue to invest and grow within our community, and we need to capitalize on that now to improve life for our residents and visitors.  That is why we are working with our business and industrial partners, as well as the Regional Development Authority to carefully move this effort forward.”

For information regarding the City of East Chicago’s Lakefront and Industrial Development Plans, please contact:

Maria C. Becerra, Executive Director
City of East Chicago
Department of Redevelopment
400 E. Chicago Avenue
East Chicago, Indiana  46312
219-391-8513   ext# 251