Executive Order regarding Emergency Medical Services in East Chicago

Mayor Anthony Copeland has decreed an Executive Order regarding Emergency Medical Services in East Chicago

There was an intense evaluation process used to grade all three companies that submitted proposals.  Prompt Medical, Superior Ambulance, and Northwest Ambulance Service were the three companies that were graded.  It is the objective of the city to reduce spending while maintaining quality services for it's residents.  

Like many other communities in Northwest Indiana, privatization of emergency medical services was one such way to accomplish this goal.  We wish all the residents peace of mind and rest assured that we have evaluated the three companies to the best of our ability.  We have chosen Prompt Medical Services as our emergency medical provider based on high scores, professionalism and we look forward to working with them as they care and service our residents.

Included in this email is the Executive Order and the evaluation sheet used in the process.

If you have any questions please contact the Mayor's Office at 219-391-8200


WHEREAS, the City of East Chicago presently faces a budget shortfall attributable to a number of factors including the 1-2-3% cap on Property Taxes established by statute; a deteriorating level of property tax collections, a lack of growth in the City’s assessed value, and a workforce far larger than comparably sized cities; 
WHEREAS, the City of East Chicago Emergency Medical Services has thus far been supported by public funds, whereas other municipalities have successfully privatized such services and continued to meet their citizens need for such services while realizing significant cost savings to tax payers  
WHEREAS, Common Council has the authority under law to terminate a department of the City upon the recommendation of the Executive (I.C. §36-4-9-4(d)) but has thus far failed to do so; 
WHEREAS, Indiana Code 36-4-7-8 authorizes the executive by executive order to decrease the appropriation made for any executive department, enabling the Mayor to unilaterally order reductions in expenditures sufficient to carry forth the City’s plan of privatization of this essential service.
WHEREAS, the City of East Chicago has investigated several professional Emergency Medical Services companies, has evaluated a number of proposals, and arrived at a negotiated contract for the provision of Emergency Medical Services to its residents with Prompt Ambulance Service.
WHEREAS, the East Chicago Board of Public Works has held a meeting and awarded a contract for the provision of Emergency Medical Services to Prompt Ambulance Service.
NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to I.C. 36-4-7-8, effective immediately, the appropriation for the City’s Emergency Medical Department and balance of funds is hereby reduced to zero, such that as of the end pay period on May 4, 2012, the City Controller shall cease all expenditures under the EMS budget line item and eliminate said appropriation for the 2012 budget.
This action is expected to save the tax payers of the City of East Chicago $700,000 dollars in this calendar year and as much as $1.2 million next year. 
CERTIFIED and ADOPTED by the Mayor of the City of East Chicago, Lake County, Indiana on this 20TH day of April, 2012.