Oct 2013

New Job Opportunities for East Chicago Residents

The City of East Chicago has recently awarded a contract to Rieth-Riley Construction Company to undertake three projects in the City. As part of the contract, the companies will be hiring additional personnel with a preference given to the residents of East Chicago as well as minority and female workers. The three construction projects will include Engineering Building Parking Lot-Paving and Fence Replacement as well as Guthrie Street and Private Street.
If you want to apply and you meet the qualifications, please email, fax or submit a cover letter, resume, and a copy of your union card to the Department of Human Resources: Mrs. Sandra Favela, Interim Director of Human Resources, City of East Chicago, 4525 Indianapolis Blvd., East Chicago, Indiana 46312. The fax number is (219)397-5755. Emails should be sent to
sfavela@eastchicago.com and if you email your cover letter, resume and copy of your union card, please type your name and note that you are applying for Rieth-Riley Construction Inc.
All potential applicants need to be current East Chicago residents in good standing with one of the following unions: Laborers, Local 41, Operators, Local 150, Cement Masons, Local 165, Teamsters, Local 142, Carpenters, Local 1005.

East Chicago Kicks off Downtown Harbor Plan with a Team Up Clean Up Event.

The cold weather did not stop City Departments, The North Township Trustee’s Office, The City Courts, Local Businesses or residents from volunteering to clean up Downtown Harbor earlier this week.  A press conference was held at the heart of our downtown corridor on the corner of Main Street and Broadway in an effort to kick off the Downtown Harbor project and clean up the City of East Chicago.  The Downtown action agenda is an aggressive five year plan specifically tailored to capture the market opportunities and reestablish the economic engine in the Harbor.
Mayor Anthony Copeland touched briefly on the importance of having a clean city.  “Just because our city is old does not mean it has to be dirty,” he said.  Over 40 volunteers gathered together to take a part in this event.  All participants received t-shirts as well as cleaning supplies to get started.  When the press conference concluded, cleaning crews were dispatched throughout a 15 block area.  Monsi Corsbie, Director of Public Works welcomed everyone and spoke about how important it is to keep our city clean by working together.  
Residents who volunteered their time, had the opportunity to take part in a program that will continue for months ahead in East Chicago. One of the biggest goals of Mayor Anthony Copeland is to make East Chicago healthier and safer and he believes that a unified effort can make this goal attainable.  Efforts looked promising as city workers carried away debris, cut down weeds and properly disposed of waste and trash.
 The vision of making East Chicago a great place to live and work is starting to set in.  This is a movement the city hoping get bigger and we are going to take it to the city block by block, street by street. There will be more clean up events throughout the year for everyone to participate in.
East Chicago continues to move in a positive direction with a balanced budget, restructuring efforts and significant improvements throughout the city.  As many construction projects are underway, a cleaner, safer city will only bring more value to the city. 
Harbor Downtown Clean Up - 037

Community Clean-up Event Launches The Harbor Project

Revitalizing East Chicago: Community Clean-up Event Launches
The Harbor Project

EAST CHICAGO, IN – On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. the city of East Chicago will come together in a community clean-up program that will take place on Main and Broadway up to 139th Street. Residents as well as area businesses are invited to meet at the corner of Main and Broadway to receive gloves, rakes, brooms and other tools they will use in picking up trash, painting curbs and graffiti, and general cleaning.
A press conference will be held prior to the start of the clean-up where Mayor Anthony Copeland will announce the launch of The Harbor Project, a citywide revitalization plan earmarked for the city of East Chicago, Indiana. This $XX million project is designed to identify renovations, new constructions and new opportunities for long-term economic development. The overall goal is to enhance market potential for the public and private sectors of East Chicago.
For more information about the community clean-up program and to join other volunteers on Tuesday, call 219-391-8200. Offices for the City of East Chicago are located at 4527 Indianapolis Boulevard.

Mayor Copeland Has His Eye On Crime

The City of East Chicago is set to awards $200,000 in gaming revenue to the East Chicago Housing Authority to Increase Public Safety in the Calumet Area of East Chicago.
The East Chicago Housing Authority has implemented a new system of surveillance operations that will commence in the West Calumet Complex within the next few days.  Concern for the safety of the residents in the area has prompted Executive Director of Housing Authority Tia Cauley to meet with Mayor Anthony Copeland about public safety issues in West Calumet.  As a result, the City of East Chicago has begun the process of awarding up to $200,000 to install video surveillance cameras throughout the area. When the project begins, approximately 80-85 cameras will be placed to overlook the streets, pool, park and residences.   
“This is a public safety concern and we are committed to reducing crime in our city.  This partnership between the City, the Housing Authority and the Police Department is a move in the right direction.  We take crime serious in East Chicago and public safety is one of our highest priorities,” said Mayor Anthony Copeland.
The surveillance cameras will be able to capture license plates and facial recognition.  “The entire complex will be under surveillance,” said Tia Cauley.  “There has not been much crime in the area, but with safety being a top priority, if we don’t take care of it now there will be issues in the future.” 
Other cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, have expanded their use of public surveillance cameras and tout the effectiveness of the technology. 
Over the last few years, the City of Chicago has set up more than 500 cameras throughout the city and claims that surveillance has been an important crime-fighting tool, resulting in more arrests.
Everywhere Wireless will be installing the new cameras.  The currently installed system is outdated and needs to be upgraded.  The East Chicago Housing Authority has been meeting with managers and foremen about the new project and is looking to finalize the contract so that the infrastructure can begin. 
The new system of surveillance operations will take about 30-45 business days to complete and should be up and running in November.  There have been many burglaries in the area over the past few months so access codes will be granted to the East Chicago Police Department to closely monitor surveillance video and track criminal activity if needed.  One of the biggest benefits in installing these new cameras is to allow people to feel safe while living, visiting or working in the area.  
The purpose of the East Chicago Housing Authority is to assist people in their day to day lives while helping them transition to better themselves. When people feel safe, it allows them to focus on themselves and not fear their safety as a concern.
With an 18% reduction in crime in East Chicago thanks to the Police Department’s STOP Team, this will only further enhance public safety and the quality life for the citizens living and visiting the Calumet area.  Mayor Copeland is committed to Public Safety and this is proof of that commitment.  
If you have any question regarding this project, please call Tia Cauley at 219-397-9974.