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Re: Celebratory Gun Fire

Re: Celebratory Gun Fire

Mark J. Becker, Chief of Police, today made the following announcement:

The East Chicago STOP Team as well as the Region STOP Team, will increase patrols this holiday season so as to focus on traditional “celebratory gun fire” associated with New Years Eve. The increased presence of manpower coupled with increased technology, hopefully will result in a reduction of these instances and lead to the arrests of those who disregard public safety in selfish furtherance of their own enjoyment.

Since September of this year, East Chicago has teamed up with “ShotSpotter”, a Newark, California based company, which utilizes advanced technology to quickly identify gunshots and then, literally within seconds, direct officers to the location of where those firearms are being shot. The technology has resulted in officers responding much more quickly, efficiently and safely to shooting scenes.

Becker added that the East Chicago Police Department, as well as both the East Chicago and Region STOP Teams continue to benefit from their partnership with Indiana University Northwest Campus. “We are fortunate to have Dr. Joseph Ferrandino of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs from IUN on our team.”

Dr. Ferrandino and IUN continue to provide invaluable support in terms of crime mapping and analytical assistance to area law enforcement agencies. That intelligence continues to have a positive impact on public safety efforts and certainly will be utilized as officers attempt to reduce celebratory gun fire this year.

As always, the public is reminded that their partnership with law enforcement is critical if we are to make a difference. The public may anonymously contact the STOP Team at
(219) 398-COPS (219-398-2677)