A Message from Chief Mark Becker - Crime is Down!

A Message from Chief Mark Becker

Attached are the 2012 FBI Uniform Crime Report numbers for East Chicago. We totaled only 3 murders in 2012, we have searched records dating back to 1975 and we cannot find a lower murder number. Lake County Coroner records do not record murders prior to 1975, they are lumped in with other "deaths" and so we cannot look prior to 1975.

This report represents a significant reduction, for now, in the number of crimes that we have experienced last year. The murder total is the lowest in over 35 years and our efforts continue to keep it that way. I wish to thank the Lake County HIDTA, all of our friends at the Lake County Prosecutors Office, the United States Attorneys Office and all those in federal,and local law enforcement that have assisted us this past year. We look forward to further joint efforts to reduce crime, not only in East Chicago, but in the Region

Reduction in Crime for East Chicago

Mark J. Becker, Chief of Police, made the following release:

I am pleased to report the totals of both violent crime and property crime occurrences that were reported to the East Chicago Police Department in 2012 and subsequently submitted to the FBI for inclusion in their Uniform Crime Report (UCR) 

A break down and total for each of the 8 crimes that consist of the FBI’s UCR report are as follows:

Violent Crimes (222) A reduction of 13% from 2011 total (255)
  • Murder -3
  • Rape- 9
  • Robbery – 90
  • Aggravated Assault – 120

Property Crimes (1,851) A reduction of 5% from 2011 total (1,941)
  • Burglary – 594
  • Larceny – 1,064
  • Vehicle Theft – 190
  • Arson - 3

Total Crimes (2,073) A reduction of 6% from 2011 total (2,196)

A review of our records, as well as those on file with Coroner Merrilee Frey’s office, was conducted dating back to 1975.  The Coroner’s staff assisted in a review of their records, which determined that the 3 murders reported in 2012 are the lowest experienced in at least the past 37 years. Records regarding murder totals for East Chicago prior to 1975 were not available. The total crime reported to the city (2,073) is the lowest number in over 12 years.   

Chief Becker commended all members of the police department for the reduction in crime this past year and also noted that increased interaction with the public is also to be credited in reducing as well as solving the crimes that took place