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East Chicago is vital to Northwest Indiana because of its access to Lake Michigan and its close proximity to downtown Chicago. Great opportunities are offered in East Chicago for its residents. The City of East Chicago has many new initiatives that compliment East Chicago’s strengths. After 50 million dollars worth of investments in commercial and housing development with corporate partners and others, including residential partner Community Builders, the City of East Chicago is ready to move forward with lake front improvements benefitting both residents and visitors, encompassing greater opportunities for private development.

The City of East Chicago is on the move! With a combination of new economic and social initiatives, a great energy radiates from our city on the lake. Rich in culture and tradition, East Chicago
brings opportunities for all ages. Incorporated in 1893 as a railroad and steel town, East Chicago was one of the Northwest Indiana Region’s first industrial cities, which was created to meet the needs of its workers. At one time, East Chicago was the home of over seventy different nationalities complete with their own ethnic based neighborhoods. Heritage and tradition remain a focal point of our great city.

Through economic revitalization, infrastructure improvements, art initiatives partnering business, East Chicago has developed a new era of opportunity with a strong focus on homeownership.

Our mission, as citizens and representatives of our community, is to provide the vision, the leadership, and the guidance needed to guarantee the growth and well being of our residents, their families and friends as they live, work, and play in East Chicago.
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